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Project Description

Voice Processing

Voice to Text Bahasa Indonesia


Accommodation of a kind of dialect
Indonesia with the slogan of Bhineka Tunggal Ika, is a nation rich in culture and language, there are more than 300 ethnic, 748 languages, 1340 tribes. In the speech and speech of the Indonesian language there are many varieties of dialect.

Leader in market
Pasopati is a leader in sound processing technology or audio to Indonesian text, this is because pasopati has accommodated various dialects in the Indonesian language. Pasopati uses machine learning technology to process voice / audio transfer to text in Indonesian. Unlike other competitors who only focus on 1-2 dialects, pasopati continue to provide practice to machine learning so that it can provide a very high accuracy and latency is very minimal <150ms.

Using Artificial Intelligence
Try our artificial intelligence abilities that have been practicing since november 2017 and prove that the sound or audio process technology to our text is the leader. See: AddNotes.id

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