Our Group

Design, Engineering, Consulting & Advisory Services:
Thermal Power Plant, Biomass Power Plant, Combined Cycle and Cogeneration Power Plant, Renewable Power Plant, Rooftop Solar PV Plant, Performance improvement and continued operation, Performance restoration, life cycle extension, and fuel switching.

Eco-Friendly Business:
DeNox and SeSOx facilities, New and renewable energy projects, Water pollution prevention.

Decommissioning engineering, decontamination, PTW system integrated with safety rules for Plant, Maintenance and Outage Management  System for Power Plant, Testing & Commissioning service FEED and FS for all power plant.

Gas Trading and Distribution, Gas Infrastructure and Development, Gas Equipment and Supply, Gas to Power Project, Diesel to Gas Conversion, CNG, LNG, LPG, Biogas, and Gas Pipeline.

  • Compressed Natural Gas(CNG):
    Trading and Distribution, CNG Storage and Transportation, Mother and Daughter Station, CNG Equipment & Supply.
  • Liquid Natural Gas(LNG):
    Mini LNG Plant, Mini LNG Carrier, LNG Inland Transportation, LNG Storage, and Regasification.
  • Liquified Petroleum Gas(LPG):
    LPG Plant, LPG Sea Transportation, CNG Storage and Transportation, Mother & Daughter Station.
  • Gas Pipe:
    Gas Pipeline, Gas Metering System, City Gas, Gas Equipment Supply, Gas to Power.
  • Biogas:
    Biogas Processing Plant, Compressed Biogas, Biogas to Power, Bio-Technology Application, Diesel to Biogas Conversion.

Total Solution:
Feasibility Studies and Front End Engineering Design Studies, Rental (Build Own Operate) and Build Own Operate Transfer Services, Gas Project Financing, Gas Turnkey Project, Joint Venture, Acquisition and Merger.

  • One-stop services & solution for Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCI)
  • Process engineering design for Oil & Gas, Power Plant, Petrochemical, Renewable Energy
  • Process equipment and Package Supply
  • Specialist Solution in separation and heating processing

Gas & RE Consultancy Services:
Market Research and Business Analysis, Project Review and Valuation, Financial Modeling, Regulation Study, Business Permits and Licenses Assistance, Legal and Compliance Advice, Audit Energy, New & Renewable Energy (Biogas, Synthetic Gas, Biomass, Biodiesel, Solar Energy), Pre-Feasibility Study & Feasibility Study, Training and Coaching.

Gas & RE Engineering Services:
Engineering Process Design, Technology Selection, and Design Optimization, HAZID & HAZOP Study, Pre-FEED & FEED Study, DED.

Gas Construction Services: Gas Pipeline, Cryogenic Pipeline, Gas Processing Plant, Gas Treatment Plant, CNG Plant, Small Scale LNG Plant, and Regasification.

Gas & RE Project Management Services:
PMS for Gas Related Project and PMS for Renewable Energy Project.

Fuel Conversion Services:
Diesel to Dedicated Gas Conversion, Diesel Dual Fuel Conversion, Vehicle/Power Generation/Marine Vessel Conversion, and CNG/LNG/LPG Equipment Conversion

PT. COMLEC Indonesia (COMLEC) is a national company engaged in the trade of goods and services. The procurement of goods includes suppliers of various office stationery needs, procurement of IT facilities/infrastructure, and procurement of telecommunication facilities. While in the service sector, its activities include management consulting, information technology and other management consultants as well as event organizers.

Through the support and involvement of experienced managers and expert staff, COMLEC establishes an operating policy adhering to the principles of quality, effectiveness, efficiency and professionalism.

  • Marine and Fishery:
    Services in the fields of capture fisheries technology, processing technology, aquaculture, marketing systems, development policy studies, pond fishery design, fishery economic studies, coastal community empowerment, utilization of marine resources. Engineering tools and machinery for aquaculture, harvest and post-harvest fisheries and marine sectors.
  • Energy and Mineral Resources:
    Provides consultancy and technical engineering in the energy and mineral resources sector, such as the development of energy-independent villages and the provision of construction of bioethanol and biodiesel processing units.
  • Agriculture, Plantation and Forestry:
    Provides consultancy in agricultural and plantation and forestry sector. In addition, COMLEC also serves engineering engineering in the agricultural and plantation and forestry sectors including planting, harvesting and processing tools and machinery for agriculture, plantation and forestry.
  • Environmental:
    Monitoring to deal with environmental issues, by applying adequate techniques will contribute positively to environmental conservation efforts.
  • Farm and Livestock:
    Activities covering livestock breeding, rearing, animal health and feed, animal health management systems, distribution and marketing of livestock and their products. COMLEC also provides engineering engineering services in the livestock sector.
  • Office Stationery:
    offers quality office stationery with various types and brands and has an economical price. That way, companies can save on meeting the company’s needs for various types and quantities of goods.